Plans & Pricing

1 session1 hour$45
12 sessions1 hour/week
for 3 months
$480Save $60
24 sessions1 hour/week
for 6 months
$912Save $168
38 sessions1 hour/week
for the whole school year
(9 months +2 bonus sessions)
$1,368Save $342!
76 sessionsDouble your sessions (or double your students) for the year$2,660Save $760!
Summer prep program1 hour/week for entire summer break$500Includes customized syllabus
homeschool iconHome School Program - you supply curriculum2 hours/week for 50 weeks$2,500Parents supply books, worksheets, etc.
Full home school curriculum for 1-2 subjects2 hours/week for 50 weeks$3,500We plan curriculum and supply workbooks and practice problems
Cooperative PackagesShare hours with other homeschoolers!Call to negotiateWe can work with groups of students or you can use banked hours for individual sessions

*Time is calculated in 15-minute increments.

Ways to pay:

On Venmo: @StormKatt

On Zelle:

Cancellation policy

You must give a full 24 hours notice to cancel your session. Appointments cancelled 23.5 hours or fewer before the scheduled session will utilize a one hour credit.

No-shows will be charged one hour credit.

If the tutor cancels for any reason at any time, you will not be charged.

Why do you list your prices?

Most tutoring agencies require you to enter all of your contact information and set up an interview before they will give you a quote. This is so that they may check the area, what tutors they have available, what subjects you will want the tutor for, the special needs of your child, and how much they may have to offer for the tutor’s travel. They also need to ensure that they make money after paying the tutor — and this includes the overhead of the office, agents, and advertising. The best agencies submit their tutors to rigorous background checks. If you are looking for quality combined with value, it may take quite a bit of time to shop around before you have a general idea what you will end up paying. You may also have to try out a couple of tutors before you find the right fit for you and/or your child. As experienced educators, we encourage this relationship and have a deep respect for the qualities of such proactive agencies.

Hope Tutors Texas is found via referral only. We do not advertise. We do not attempt to compete with the big agencies because we are too small. Since the pandemic, we are fully online. We do not have a large office. We do, however, require full background checks and a history of working for and with students and other agencies. We sometimes simply do not have the capacity for a new student and may refer special cases to another agency. For this reason, we are free to post our fees up front. We are also free to negotiate, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Why do you bill in advance?

Our time together is valuable, and your scheduled sessions are taken very seriously. To establish a mutual respect for our and your time, sessions are billed in blocks in advance. This is an industry standard, and for good reason. Imagine depending upon your job to feed your family, only to show up to the office and be told that your boss cancelled your workday without pay. It is too late for you to get another job to make up for that day’s wages, so what do you do? This is what it is like when a tutoring session is cancelled same-day. We want to protect our tutors’ interests as much as yours, so we pay our tutors for their time!

We will keep track of the time you have left and let you know when you are due for a renewal.*