My grandson suffered a head injury and was set all the way back to basics. We have worked with tutor after tutor for many years. He has improved in math, but was only able to do the alphabet and was not reading at all. When Melanie came for the first session, she told me that she was going to try something different. She said that his brain damage and loss of memory and reading ability meant that the connections were lost, so she was going to try to build “different routes” for those connections. She said she was going to start teaching him sign language to make different paths back to his language base. At first, it did seem like an odd way to teach him how to read, but he started learning the alphabet and basic signs that related to sight words. He’s actually reading for the first time! She has been with us for just under a year, and he is actually reading story books to me now. Melanie did something in months that other tutors couldn’t do in years. We were sad to see her move to another state, but we won’t let her go! She found a way to continue with him online, and he is still making improvements.

My tutor (Melanie) is very helpful and helps me understand in ways I know best and in ways I learn best. She breaks things down to my level until I understand it and is always willing to help me further. She keeps me interested and excited to learn 🙂
-Madison Z.

Melanie really took the time to get to know Sheila and work with her learning disability. She helped Sheila do better on tests, too. I liked that she kept track with me and set goals.

-Kellyanne Hunt